In a multidisciplinary consortium of 12 public and private partners from across and beyond Europe with complementary expertise in gut microbiomics, immunology, physiology, animal genomics and nutrition, INTERPLAY uses an integrated approach towards a sound understanding of the interaction of early colonization of the intestine and gut function development.

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INTERPLAY follows a number of objective-driven lines of research, organized in 8 scientific workpackages, complemented by workpackages focussing on Management and Dissemination & Outreach.

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Laycock G, Sait L, Inman C, Lewis M, Smidt H, van Diemen P, Jorgensen F, Stevens M, Bailey M (2012) A defined intestinal colonization microbiota for gnotobiotic pigs. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 149: 216-24

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